Reverberations of Railsbank `s recent acquisition of Wirecard


Reverberations of Railsbank's recent acquisition of Wirecard

FinextraTV spoke to Railsbank about the recent acquisition of payments processor Wirecard, a buy-out of which will hopefully end a tumultuous period for Wirecard's UK business, which had the fintech industry watching closely after it was temporarily shut down by the Financial Conduct Authority. Nigel Verdon, CEO, RailsBank, talks us through what happened and about the reverberations of this story…

Your Security and Compliance in 2022 and Beyond

As a security leader in your organization, you want to protect your customers, your data, and your reputation while meeting ongoing compliance obligations. However, a growing landscape of security threats and ever-changing regulations can be challenging to keep up with — on top of trying to make sure your technology partners are adhering to security best practices as well. Join our panel of experts to learn why Guidewire is a trusted, transparent, and innovative leader in security. They’ll discuss topics including:

• How Guidewire approaches security strategy
• Guidewire’s efforts to innovate in the cloud security space
• Proactive security initiatives you can lead in your business
• Where to find new security resources from Guidewire

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German Parliament To Investigate Wirecard Financial Scandal

Wirecard was once a source of German pride but today it’s insolvent and under investigation. The payment processing company is accused of one of the greatest frauds in recent history and no one seems to be able to account for $2 billion. So, who’s to blame for the company’s collapse? And did the German government ignore red flags about the tech giant?


Patrick Boyle
Founding Partner of Palomar Capital Management

Andrew Bulkeley
Business Reporter at The Berliner Zeitung

Jan Bouwens
Professor of Accounting at the University of Amsterdam

Wirecard and the missing €1.9bn: my story | FT

Surveillance, spear phishing and missing billions. ‘At times I thought I was going crazy.’ Dan McCrum explains the twists and turns behind the massive fraud. Read more at See if you get the FT for free as a student ( or start a £1 trial:

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Wirecard Fraud: A Summary

In this video I am going to give you a summary of one of the largest frauds in history: the collapse of the German company Wirecard.

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