How firms can better support customers during times of financial hardship


How firms can better support customers during times of financial hardship

Kristina Burwood-Ansell, Product Director, Experian UK&I speaks to FinextraTV about the trends we are seeing in the market around credit and increased financial hardship since COVID-19. We hear about how firms need to be able to tailor their services to different customers, how they can manage the scale and speed required here, and what tools Experian has created in response to this growing need.

[Financial Accounting]: Chapter 6: Accounting for Merchandising Businesses

In this video, I walk you through Chapter 6: Accounting for Merchandising Businesses. I cover content including inventory, the cost of goods sold, journalizing under the perpetual and periodic inventory systems, inventory shrinkage, returns/refunds, and more. At the end, I go through step-by-step practice problems.

Finance Hot Topics to Help Strengthen Your Business

Every organization, regardless of sector or budget size, is grappling with financial uncertainty during the current situation with COVID-19. Join Naturally San Diego for its first virtual event, and hear directly from Jeremy Triefenbach, Managing Partner of Stage 1 Financial, on suggested approaches regarding the development of financial projections and planning tools for your company.

Topics to be Covered:

Update on Capital Markets and Fund Raising
Government Programs
Demand Planning and Forecasting
Allocating Marketing Dollars

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No Office, No Problem: How Financial Services Firms Can Stay Connected and Thrive

The world of financial services was abruptly moved from office buildings into homes almost overnight. The return to the physical office and hallway interactions will take much longer than anticipated, if at all for some employees. Disruption in the world around them while maintaining the highest level of external and internal customer service is causing unprecedented levels of stress. The challenges of leading, staying connected, and maintaining organizational culture with remote employees will require better methods of communication for all leaders at all levels. This webinar will reveal ways to upskill employees with the tools needed to not only address the leadership challenges of today but enhance your organization’s culture ­— resulting in better conversations and performance.

In this webinar you’ll learn:
– The 4 types of disruptions the financial services industry can expect to face in the future.
– How taking a systemic approach to better conversations can address these disruptions, build a strong organizational culture, and drive performance.
– Approaches taken by successful financial service firms to stay agile and prepare for a transformed world.

Optimize finance and service-centric business operations

The future is dynamic. Are you? With global volatility and inflation looming, business agility has never been more important. Leaders turn to finance teams to get real-time insight into business performance and recommendations on future initiatives that will help them thrive amid disruption. Dynamics 365 enables dynamic finance organizations with the agility needed to accelerate growth with continuous business model innovation.

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