Hottest trends in Russian fintech & the role of AI in 2021


Hottest trends in Russian fintech & the role of AI in 2021

Neri Tollardo, Head of International Investor Relations and Partnerships, Tinkoff Bank, gives his predictions for the role of AI in banking & AI banking as a trend, how digital banks can ensure both profitability and scalability for the year ahead and what trends we can expect to develop from Russian fintech in 2021.

The AI Trends in Fintech

Technology has been the big differentiator for fintech, with several innovative companies changing how people deal with money and access services.

From AI and ML models in fintech for underwriting to tech playing a role in collections and repayments, these disruptive developments in the fintech industry have resulted a vast development nowadays. How have new technologies evolved fintech? How will this affect the fintech job market? What skillsets are in demand?

Join with Mr. Subhashit Ratnam, Associate – J.P Morgan Chase, Philadelphia USA to get in detail insights about the current trends in the Industry.

10 Artificial Intelligence Trends to Watch in 2018

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Top AI and Data trends in fintech for 2021 – Cho-nan Tsai

2020 has been one of the toughest years for fintech companies and the financial sector in recent memories. However, the adoption of AI and data technologies haven’t slowed. This talk explores the impacts brought on by Covid-19 and how the they are driving game-changing AI and data trends across the fintech landscape for the coming year and beyond.

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The AI Trends In Fintech That Are Changing Digital Economy Job Roles | AI Trends 2021 | Simplilearn

Artificial intelligence (AI) is driving emerging trends in Fintech to create new demands for data science professionals and software engineers. Some of these trends include:
1. AI-powered data analytics to evaluate the credit history and behavior of a prospective borrower to make better lending decisions faster
2. Predictive credit approvals to allow e-commerce sellers to make instant offers of credit to purchasers on their sites
3. Matching of lending offers to borrowing requests in the P2P (person-to-person) lending market
4. Join Rishi Mehra, CEO of Wishfin, as he shares his insights and advice for data scientists, data analysts, and software engineers entering or already in the Fintech field in 2021.

About the Speaker:
Rishi is CEO of Wishfin, an online loan information and application portal that provides users with valuable information on all available loans in India. Rishi has 15+ years of experience emphasizing product innovation and customer service in the Information Technology and Consumer Finance industries. He holds a Masters degree in E-business and Internet Systems from the Durham University, UK.

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