Empowering smaller banks with cloud technology


Empowering smaller banks with cloud technology

Paul Thomalla, Global Head of Payments, Finastra, talks about how small-to-medium-sized banks have had to work hard to adapt to a rapidly changing payments landscape, what some of the threats to their market position are, what they should be prioritising in order to become an adult player in the market and how Finastra's cloud technology is helping them reach their goals.

Prepare For Funding – Entrepreneur Empowerment Series – Episode #6

Are you looking at raising funds? Do you want to know what investors look for in a business? Watch the recording of the sixth episode of the Entrepreneur Empowerment series – Prepare for Funding

Episode #6 agenda:
00:00:00 – Introduction
00:06:08 – Funding tools and resources available in the SME Empowerment program
00:08:42 – Tips for entrepreneurs when raising finds from MEVP – Middle East Venture Partners
00:17:06 – ‘Did you know’ segment
00:20:46 – Tips from a fellow entrepreneur
00:27:49 – Ask away segment

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Google on BeyondCorp: Empowering Employees with Security for the Cloud Era

Jennifer Lin, Director, Security, Google Cloud

Google protects billions of users across the globe with a “security-first” approach. Its “BeyondCorp” framework assumes “Zero Trust”—treating all networks as untrusted—to allow employees to easily work from any device, anywhere without a VPN. Jennifer Lin will discuss considerations for companies adopting a similar approach, BeyondCorp in cloud era, and how the cloud is changing security.

Arkbit: Empowering Data Privacy and Ownership – Everything You Need to Know!”

In this video, we’ll explore the inner workings of Arkbit, a revolutionary technology that’s empowering individuals to take control of their data. You’ll discover how Arkbit works, its unique features, and the benefits it offers in terms of data privacy, security, and ownership. We’ll also delve into Arkbit’s business plan and explore how this innovative solution is disrupting the traditional data storage and management landscape. Join us to unlock the full potential of Arkbit and discover how it can help you reclaim control over your digital identity!”

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Data Transformation and Innovation Help Financial Institutions Deliver Business Outcomes

https://nextphase.ai/ — Today’s discussion is the third and the concluding part of the web chat series on how financial services institutions are benefiting from data transformation and innovation.

FULL ARTICLE: https://nextphase.ai/web-chat-series-3-customer-experience/

(The following is a summary of a web chat between Bill Draper, President of NextPhase.ai, and Sanjeev Mohan, former Vice President at Gartner and currently a Strategic Advisor to NextPhase.ai)

Cloud Data Transformation Journey
Migrating and transforming data in the cloud enables banking organizations to achieve valuable business outcomes. Banks, like most organizations, have inadvertently created silos and domains which greatly impede understanding their customers’ needs. This presents a challenge when it comes to banks truly understanding their customers. It is important for banks to unify their customer experience as their clients are looking for a greater understanding of all the touch points and how they work together.

The primary challenge with data silos is the inability to seamlessly share critical data since it involves integration of various systems. This causes complexity and cost, which needs to be evaluated and re-architected. Some levels of management may not see a problem with that method, but this thinking is a big challenge that banks need to overcome.

360 View and Improving Customer Experience
Customer 360 seeks to build integrated, consistent customer views across all available channels and sources. It capitalizes on a wealth of data to assess individuals and groups from many viewpoints, interactions and behaviors, including analyzing buyer needs, influences and opportunities. From these insights individual and group personas and profiles can be created that drive targeted marketing campaigns and sales programs.

The customer needs to be at the center of all data-related decisions. When designed and executed well, Customer 360 integrates, cleanses, manages and maximizes data to its fullest extent. It leverages internal and external sources to fulfill a true 360-degree paradigm which can automatically trigger revenue-generating actions, such as real-time purchase recommendations.

Customer experience is of the utmost importance in today’s modern online banking world. Every bank has a mobile app, and the functionality typically is pretty consistent. A lot of banks have been in business for over 100 years, and have deeply entrenched processes that have not necessarily advanced or aligned with the growth and speed of technology, so in some cases they’ve not really changed their processes. However, there are some banks that have done an amazing job at unifying the customer experience. They are able to look at different aspects of the customer’s transactions and behavior. Once the bank gets to know its customer, trends can be seen. Banks can then make recommendations and gain greater insights. The banks that invest in a thorough Customer 360 application will win in the end.

M &A activity is a very common aspect of financial services. Smaller banks are acquired creating an ecosystem with customer identities in various places, across various applications. That is when unifying the customer experience through a comprehensive Customer 360 becomes paramount.

Creating a Unified Platform
Creating a unified platform for the customer experience as well as deploying Customer 360 in order to monetize data into revenue-generating insights, is critical for banks today.
It’s the combination of cloud technology and data architecture that can enable a unified view of the customer to empower banks to better serve their customers. A 360-degree view of the customer is everybody’s responsibility within the banking industry.

FULL ARTICLE: https://nextphase.ai/web-chat-series-3-customer-experience/

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