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University Place Press sales reps tackle Innovative Fitness

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Working out becomes much easier when you have a goal to achieve, and this is the basis for Innovative Fitness, located at 1105 Regents Blvd., Ste. C, in Fircrest. Innovative Fitness provides personal training that strives to motivate, educate and inspire people to reach their optimal health and fitness goals.
Tacoma Weekly sales reps Rose Thiele and Andrea Jay are participating in the Innovative Fitness six-week fitness challenge as a team. If they lose collectively 40 pounds or 12 percent of their body fat, they will get the money they paid to be in the class, $349, refunded.
The challenge includes a three-day a week class with about a dozen other ladies that focuses on abdomen and core workouts with a little bit of cross-fit thrown in.
The program is not simply one-hour sessions three days a week, as proper exercise and nutrition is a 24/7 activity. Innovative Fitness understands this and through their Facebook page provides supports for its clients at all hours.
“[The program has] a lot of squats, planking and they set you up with a meal plan. It’s pretty intense. You follow a meal plan on your workout day, a different meal plan when you’re not working out, and they give you a cheat day and a fasting period of 16 hours after your cheat day,” Jay said. “Every day they’ll post something on Facebook where you either answer a question or post a photo of your meal. They keep in touch and keep you in check a lot. They’re very good.”
“If you have any questions, they have a Facebook page where we can email back and forth and talk and ask them questions about anything,” Thiele said.
Thiele has a goal of losing 10 pounds, while Jay hopes to improve her core. With Innovative Fitness, they can customize their goals with the program.
“We’re the only challenge-based fitness program there is,” Innovative Fitness owner Jesse Uwell said. “You create what you want, you create your own results. You pick what you want and we help you get that instead of us picking it for you.”
Not only can clients customize their goals, but they can reach them with the help of a dedicated group of workout buddies.
“I love being in a group. That teamwork really makes you want to workout,” Thiele said.
Be sure to check out the Tacoma Weekly in five weeks to find out how successful Thiele and Jay will be when their fitness challenge comes to a close.
For more information, including other classes Innovative Fitness offers, visit or call (253) 565-1965.

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