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New licensing sub-agency opens in U.P.

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Residents of West Tacoma and University Place no longer have to travel a long distance for their vehicle and vessel licensing needs with the opening of a new Department of Licensing sub-agency, Tacoma Licensing, at 6718 19th St., owned and operated by Mike and Jean Flynn.
Tacoma Licensing offers services such as titling, registration and permits to University Place, Tacoma and surrounding areas.
The Flynns have experience in the Licensing field, running a similar location in Fife for the past 11 years. Residents may recognize both locations by the plethora of Seahawks gear decorating the office, creating a bright and colorful contrast to the image most people have of a licensing office. The decorations give familiarity as well as an opportunity for conversation, letting people feel comfortable in the environment where they won’t have to experience much of a wait.
“We do our best to keep people moving as fast as we can and be as informative as we can because a lot of people walk in and out of here. This is a great opportunity in a great part of town,” Mike said.
Despite the blue and green walls, the Flynns want to make it clear that everyone is welcome, even if you’re a 49ers fan. The new office offers a more personal experience than you would get at a government office, and is normally less crowded, with no number system in place, as it’s simply not needed. And with recent legislation leveling the same fees at the state auditor’s office as at sub-agencyie, the Flynns are hoping the Tacoma office will have the edge, especially with an experienced team.
“We’re not new at this; we’re very experienced. Eleven years is a lot of experience, and everyone that’s going to work here will be experienced,” Mike said. “We’re a small business and the people who work for us are really treasured by us. We really appreciate them and they help make this the best that it can be.”
The Flynns’ sub-agency is replacing another agency in the same location that closed down in January 2015, and in the weeks leading up to the grand opening was already receiving a lot of potential business.
“Every day I was here renovating the space for our opening. I encountered customers looking for help. It’s great to be able to bring the spirit and culture of our Fife location to University Place, Tacoma and surrounding areas,” Mike said.
Tacoma Licensing is open Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 5: 30 p.m. and Saturday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. For more information visit
“The whole idea behind a subagent being contracted is that we can offer longer hours and we can focus on licensing vehicles and vessels,” Jean said. “We’re just really happy to be a part of the UP and North End community.”

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