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Home and Garden: Ampersand Interior Designs

// Taking a whole home approach to give that personal touch

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The home is where the heart is, they say, which is why how your home looks and feels can be so important. Your home tells your story; it sets the tone for the goings-on within its doors. It can even affect your mood.
Seattle-based Ampersand Interior Design has this in mind when they state their philosophy: “Ampersand is inclusive. A collaboration; the place where two disparate things or ideas meet. Rooted in history, yet evolves to stay current. Timeless personality. Not simply one thing or another. The addition of something extra to create a more well rounded statement. Our ultimate goal is to combine our expertise with your distinct personality to create an environment you love. We view the design process as a collaboration between all members of the household, which can make things a little complicated at times. That's what we are here for! Let us collaborate with you to create an environment that makes you feel at ease, a space you can show off with pride. Your home should be your refuge. We can help you get there,” according to the website.
Owner Alissa Johnson has always had a passion for customer service. “I am new to the scene,” she said. “I recently finished the bachelor of arts program at Bellevue College. I began working in the design industry a few years ago, for a firm that does both commercial and residential work. It's always been my dream to have my own business, so I took the leap about a year ago while I was still in school. I had been getting referrals from good friends and family members, so it just felt right.”
Among the services offered, Johnson brings her interior decorating prowess to view a home as a whole. She provides consultations, aids in home renovations, furniture selection and even exterior paint color palette. Though located in North Seattle, she provides these services throughout Pierce and King counties. She “loves residentials best because the personal touch is a reflection of themselves (the client). I like to make people feel comfortable in their own homes.”
When providing samples of work, she mentions use of texture, color and contrast and the way these can create an effortless look that has character. “My personal favorite of the bunch is the materials palette. When done right, these set the tone for the design. I love to invoke a specific feeling or vibe in a space by combining different finishes and materials.”
Ampersand Interior Designs charges a reasonable hourly fee and offers designer discounts to clients. For more information or to reach out, visit Johnson provides most initial consultations over the phone or via e-mail and hours of operation are Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.

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