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Fife authorities warn of jury duty scam

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Fife Municipal Court, Fife Police Department, and the Pierce County Sheriff ’s Off ice have issued an advisory notice regarding a scam in which residents get a phone call saying that they have missed jury duty – and must pay.
The scam begins with a phone call or an email from someone posing as a government official to inform you that you have failed to appear for jury duty and that a warrant will be, or has been, issued for your arrest.
When the victims say no notice was received about jury duty, the caller, who claims to be an employee of the police or sheriff’s department, tells the victims they are responsible to appear for jury duty whether or not a notice was received and to avoid arrest, they must pay, by credit card, to get the warrant “lifted” or “quashed.” Individuals have paid up to $1,000. Never give
out personal information by phone or email. Court officers will never ask for payment, a credit card number, or social security number for failure to appear for jury duty.
No one from the Fife Municipal Court, the Fife Police Department, or the Pierce County Sheriff ’s Office will ever call you and ask for payment of any kind over the phone. Warrants for your arrest are not issued for failure to appear for jury duty service. If anything, you would receive a summons to appear in court.
Please know that ALL communications regarding jury duty are sent to residents in writing. Anyone with questions about jury service or one of these jury service phone calls, should either contact the Fife Municipal Court at (253) 922-6635, the Fife Police Department at (253) 922-6633, or the Pierce County Sheriff ’s Off ice at (253) 798-4722.

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