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City of University Place selling U.S Open banners

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In 2015, University Place became the center for all things golf when Chambers Bay hosted the U.S Open. Tourists flew in droves to our local community to get a taste of the Pacific Northwest while watching their favorite professional golfers.
Now residents can purchase artifacts from one of U.P.’s most historic moments, as the city is selling U.S Open banners that hung all around the town during the event.
There are two different types of banners in a variety of colors. The first says “2015 U.S. Open Host City“ while the other says “In Full Swing.” The banners are going for $25 each.
“After the U.S open, we were getting so many calls from people interested in securing one,” Assistant City Manager Mariza Craig said. “Because of all the interest, we thought about finding a fair way of distributing the banners. We checked with three businesses that evaluated the collectibles and decided $25, or $50 for a pair, seemed fair.”
The city sees this as an opportunity to once again celebrate the U.S Open coming to the Pacific Northwest, something that will always be seen as a milestone for University Place. In 2015, the city ordered and installed 162 U.S. Open banners and has so far sold 42 of them.
The banners have been so popular that even citizens from outside the city have shown interest in purchasing the memorabilia.
“We understand that the U.S Open is a milestone and a very important event for the city of University Place,” Craig said. “We’ve had non-U.P. residents who have expressed interest in purchasing them.”
Craig and the city hope the banners will serve as a reminder of how special University Place is, and how its natural beauty drew thousands of fans to Chambers Creek for the Open.
“Everybody’s so proud, everyone understands the significance that it’s not every city and not every place that gets to call itself the home of the U.S Open,” Craig said.
Overall, the city is happy to make a connection with citizens in the form of the banners, a memento that every U.P. citizen can be proud of.
“What’s nice about it is we all get it. Our residents understand it’s a great brand and accomplishment for the city and people want to be a part of it,” Craig said.
For more information on the banners or to purchase one, call the city at (253) 566-5656.

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