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Business Spotlight: Gasperetti’s

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Thanks to big retailers, specialty kitchen shops have become rare in the modern market but Diana Gasperetti is keeping the tradition alive and well with Gasperetti’s located at 2805 Bridgeport Way.
Long time residents of University Place may recognize the name, as Gasperetti and her husband ran the shop through the 90’s before shutting down. But after retirement, they found that they missed the feel of running a business so the South Sound’s premier kitchen shop has returned, offering tools and ingredients for everything classic in Italian cooking.

“We’ve been through Freighthouse square, Lakewood and 6th Avenue,” Gasperetti said. “We decided in our retirement years that we wanted to re-open it, so here we are. We opened on Oct. 1 and the community response has been really good. They’ve been happy because there’s no kitchen shops left. We not only carry the kitchen tools but ingredients as well.”

These aren’t just any ingredients. The shop offers raw materials that would be difficult to find in a chain store for high end Italian cooking. Gasperetti’s gets their wares from Italian vendors that specialize in high-end goods. If they don’t have what you’re looking for, Diana is always willing to put in a special order.

“Where I fill in the gap is, [chain stores] have wonderful food products but they don’t carry a lot of the products I do. I’m bringing in some of those products that are missing on the market. I tend to focus on the Italian because it’s the best product out there,” Gasperetti said.

Gasperetti’s is also a place to stop by if you want to just chat or learn more about cooking, as Diana’s plethora of experience allows her to guide new cooks into high-end cooking.

“This is our forte and I have a passion for it and I can tell them how to cook and if they don’t want to cook I can entice them into it anyway,” Gasperetti said. “Especially young people, I encourage them to learn.”

The Gasperetti family has been a part of the south sound for more than 100 years. Diana’s grandfather was a renowned cook more than 50 years ago, and patrons at Gasperetti’s still have fond memories of him. The store feels more like a home than a store, reminiscent of Mom’s secret cooking stash, and the not so secret fact of Gasperetti’s is it provides all the tools to turn you into the cook you want to be. From the actual kitchen utensils to the ingredients to wisdom from Diana herself, patrons will leave Gasperetti’s armed with everything they need to cook a true Italian fare.

Gasperetti’s is open Tuesday through Thursday from noon to 7 p.m. For more information, call (253) 460-2764.

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