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Age progression photo shows what missing Tacoma teen may look like today

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An age progression photo shows what 13-year-old Angela Meeker may look like today at age 50. She went missing in 1979.

“The fact that she was 13 and literally just disappeared off the face of the earth is unusual,” says Tacoma Police Det. Lindsey Wade.

Meeker vanished two days before her 14th birthday on July 7, 1979. Wade says, “She was headed to the Tacoma Mall to purchase a birthday card for a friend, and that was the last time she was seen by any of her family members.” A friend told police he saw her on the road. “An acquaintance of hers was interviewed and he actually reported that he ran into Angie on her way to the mall and gave her a ride and said that he dropped her off in the area of the Payless store," said Det. Wade. No one ever heard from her again.

“There was a party scheduled for later in the evening, a birthday party for Angela and another friend; Angela didn’t show up to the party and none of the party-goers reported seeing her at the party or any time after that,” Det. Wade explains.

Because Angela was known to run away and stay gone for a couple of days at a time, she wasn’t reported missing until three days later. Police don’t believe that Angela just took off. Det. Wade says, “We had another case that occurred about six months later, not too far from here, and it was another 13-year-old girl who went missing and was found murdered 12 days later; that case is also unsolved.”

Police have persons of interest, but have been unable to link them to any crime. They also haven’t been able to claim any remains discovered in the area.

“We have her dental records, we have DNA and we have had no matches,” Det. Wade adds. For Angela’s family, that signals hope that she could still be alive. “I know the family always wants to hold out hope that their loved one is still out there. It’s been 36 years since she went missing and she was just a young girl. It’s hard to imagine a scenario where would she be and what would she be doing all this time, but you just never know,” Det. Wade says.

She has taken over this missing person's mystery and has a special request for those who knew this teenage girl. “If there are people who knew Angie that might have any information about what was going on in her life at the time, relationships she was in, if they have any information or even speculation about what happened to her, I’d be interested in hearing about it." said Det. Wade.

Angela was 5'1" and 100 pounds at the time of her disappearance with hazel eyes and blonde hair. If you know anything that can help detectives find out what happened to her, call an anonymous tip in to: CRIME STOPPERS: (1) 800-222-TIPS​.

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