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Michaels Marketing Minute

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Emerald Queen Casino Crime Stoppers

YouTube! So fun! We spend hours watching videos of our favorite bands, how-to videos on getting the garbage disposal working again, and funny cat videos (my personal favorites – have you seen the ones with the cucumbers?).

But what if all the millions of people on YouTube were watching your videos about your business? I think a lot of folks see YouTube as out of reach, but I want to make the case that it's getting easier and easier to get good video content online and it's a marketing piece we can't ignore as part of our overall brand awareness. I'm not gonna lie, it can be slightly confusing to set up your YouTube channel and format it correctly and completely, but just head to the website and dig a little and follow the prompts to create your own YouTube channel and I promise you'll be able to do it. Heck, you could even just watch some YouTube videos on how to do it!

The next step is making videos... You can easily spend $5-10k with a professional video company to make you a great promo video and if you have that money, I highly recommend it to set yourself apart from your competitors. But even with a smart phone a couple free apps on your phone, you can make a decent quality video that will build your brand. How about interviewing some of your best customers about what they like about your product? Or interviewing your staff about what they like about working there? You can even make a video comprised of still photos of your products and put a groovy song behind it and call it a day. Get creative and take the first steps to building your YouTube channel – you'll be glad you did!

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