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Michaels Marketing Minute

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Email etiquette. Nowadays, a vast amount of our business communication happens in the realm of electronic mail. And often, we never even get a chance to meet face to face with the people we email. That's why it's so important that we realize it's not only the words we write in emails that matter, but how we write them. YOU CAN WRITE IN ALL CAPS (which is NEVER allowed), you can forget to capitalize, punctuate and use commas, you can forget to spell check, or you can fail to give your message a proof read before hitting send. Don't do that stuff! Do the following instead:

1.) Always address your recipient appropriately to start the email ("Hey John," or "Dear Ms. White,");

2.) Take off the "sent from my iPhone" text or whatever disclaimer comes with your phone. We all know that with a little more effort you can send just as professional an email from your phone as you can from your desktop;

3.) Don't be too short and simple that your email can be interpreted as rude or angry. Try to write like you would talk to someone on the phone – friendly and considerate;

4.) Spell check and take the extra minute to read through your email to check it for any errors before hitting send.

Everything we do helps to shape our reputation. Make sure your emails are making you look like the business expert and professional you are!

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