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When I first met William Manzanares, we spent a long time talking about employees – not just his employees, but the whole concept of what employees mean to a business. I’ve worked for a few companies that focused primarily on the more tangible aspects of business, like sales and expansion, while disregarding major issues, like poor retention and low morale. In other words, employees were treated more as a means to an end, rather than the core of the company itself. When we started talking about the employees of Smokin’ Willy’s, I couldn’t believe how passionate he was about them.
I mean that literally.
I could not, at that point, imagine how the owner of a local chain of drive-through smoke shops could genuinely care that much about the staff. It’s not that I assumed a business owner would be indifferent to the… Read Full Story

It’s Just Business: The cost of being cheap

In a lot of ways, service industry businesses – restaurants, auto repair shops, beauty salons, etc. – are unique ventures with their own set of challenges and rewards, and number one among these is the people who walk through the door. Service industry businesses depend on the lifeblood of interacting face-to-face every day with a constant flow of customers – the people who decide whether you make it or not in your business. You have a product or a skill that they don’t have and so they need you. They have the capital you need in order to operate your business so you need them. Sounds simple, but there is more to it than meets the eye.Read Full Story

Business Spotlight: Throwing Mud Gallery

Not only does Throwing Mud Gallery have a cool name, it’s located right in the center of the Old Town Tacoma business district at 2212 30th St. Offering pottery classes, paint your own pottery and fine handcrafted art pieces for sale, Throwing Mud Gallery is unique in that it provides to the public an avenue for artistic expression found nowhere else in Tacoma.

Owners, and husband and wife team, Mark and Eileen Hudak opened Throwing Mud Gallery in January 2011. The idea to open a gallery first sparked two years earlier when Eileen, a… Read Full Story

Crime Stoppers Emerald Queen Casino
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Entrepreneur Spotlight: JaMeel Releford of Complete Athlete
William Manzanares

With any entrepreneurship venture, you have to listen to your gut and go for what you want in your life. A basic rule of thumb is to go with what you’re passionate about. Do something you love. If money were no option, what would you do with your life? What do you like to do? What are you good at?…

It’s Just Business: Entrepreneur seeks to help others succeed with new column in U.P. Press
William Manzanares

As a lifelong entrepreneur, and small business owner from practically the time he was old enough to do so, William Manzanares has experienced all the ups and down of owning his own businesses. By taking risks and learning from his mistakes and his successes, over the years he has amassed considerable…

Business Spotlight: Thompson Travel and Cruise
Derek Shuck

As the weather gets colder, it’s easy to close your eyes at work and daydream about traveling to a warmer place and relaxing on the beach. Luckily, Tammy Thompson-Langlow and the rest of the crew at Thompson Travel and Cruise, located at 2620 Bridgeport Way W., have been working hard to make that…