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U.P. business survey indicates stability and satisfaction

The results of a University Place survey aimed to measure business development and satisfaction in the city gives a positive outlook for the local economy and a record high satisfaction of services rendered by the City of University Place.

About 20 percent of licensed businesses in University Place responded to a survey to help the city’s Economic Development Office get an idea of business within the city and feedback regarding projects offered by the city. Participants were asked to share data that serves as a waypoint for the shifting nature of firms in the city, and a perspective… Read More

U.P. North End streets getting their due

The facelift of the streets at the north end of University Place is shaping up. Soon Bridgeport, 27th Street and Mildred will be fully outfitted with sidewalks, bike lanes, street lighting and landscaping, making these streets safe and inviting for all users.  
These projects have been part of a major effort by the City to improve the north end of town. Since University Place became a… Read More

Tweaker alert issued for Tacoma fugitive

Beware of tweakers in Tacoma prowling around houses. That’s how Dennis Herron and another man got busted last August when an alert neighbor called police about suspicious characters behind a home at 11710 Vickery Ave. E.
“These are people that go out, they have drug habits and they supply… Read More

Crime Stoppers

Defending state champs gearing up for big playoff run

Winning a state high school championship in any sport is quite the accomplishment. In fact, it is a rare thing for a high schooler to be part of a title team. With a limited amount of time in high school, it takes quite the combination of skill, timing and luck for any team, in any sport, to put together… Read More

Potts-Woods too much to handle in All-Star Game

With the regular and post-seasons completed for the Curtis Viking basketball team, a few of the players were given the honor of participating in the Cloud Nine South Sound All-Star Game held Friday, March 18 at Auburn High School. Aushanti Potts-Woods, Glenn Jordan and John Moore suited up for the… Read More

Tacoma Stars Tacoma Rainiers

It’s Just Business: Employee retention

In the April 29 Tacoma Weekly article “Local entrepreneur talks about the quandary of hiring,” I discussed my three-tier hiring procedure that has worked out rather well for me despite the difficulties of finding quality people to hire. Granted, it’s not a perfect system but I can say that it… Read More

It’s Just Business: When I Work app makes employee scheduling easy

While on vacation a while back, my girlfriend was trying to solve a problem and she said wouldn’t it be cool if there were an app that you could use to schedule your employees and all that it entails without having to call everyone and take hours away from managers’ time? I did some research and… Read More


Halloween in all its forms

Last week, we highlighted the plague of creepy clowns that seemed to have invaded South Sound this month. In order to further diffuse that situation this week, we offer a list of socially acceptable places for wearing those killer clown duds, where locals will be similarly dressed in anticipation for Halloween.
Or maybe you'll consider wearing something that's not a trigger for people whose… Read More


Friday, Oct. 21

JAZZBONES: Layzie Bone, Mo Thugs, Barz, Cally Reed (hip-hop) 8 p.m., $15-$20
B SHARP COFFEE: Joe Doria Trio (jazz) 8 p.m., $7, AA
CULTURA: “Azul Friday” with DJ Mauro and DJ Leo (Latin DJ) 10 p.m., $5-$10Read More

Emerald Queen Casino